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CHINA is a country with a long history and ancient civilization. Ancient Chinese Culture is older than 5000 years. Chinese cultural history has enormous diversity and variety. The Chinese civilization was rich in the Arts and Sciences, elaborate Painting and Printing techniques and delicate pottery and sculpture.Chinese language and literature, philosophy and politics are still reckoned as a strong influence. Chinese Religion, Philosophy and Politics: Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism have left a collective and lasting impression on Chinese culture and tradition.
China boasts a large number of wonderful attractions including antique sites and relics, imposing imperial palaces, delicate water towns, amazing natural wonders, splendid cultural heritage, and diversified folk customs. China developed very rapidly with its tourism after the door opened to the world. Most tourists find the country easy to navigate and well worth effort. Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Xi’an, and Hong Kong are the five best-known tourist cities in China. We offer in our programs all over China these attractions both in nature and in culture. 

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